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The schedule for Grammathon'10 has been updated! You can now check your time slots in the "Schedule" tab.

Tickets for all the Social Events (Concert, Fashion Show, Drama and Dance Finals) except for the Host Night and the Formal Dinner are available at LGS 1-A/1 only, from 11th January,2010 (Monday) onwards.
The Host Night and Formal Dinner are exclusively for the participants. Prices for the tickets are as follows:
ncert:                        Rs.400/-
Fashion Show:               Rs.300/-
Drama & Dance finals:    Rs.200/-
Day pass:                      Rs.200/day (valid from 9am-3pm)

(This applies to non-participants only. Grammathon participants do not need to buy tickets.)

Because of the security concerns, all the people attending the social events need to carry their school/college/university ID CARDs with them (otherwise entry will not be possible), even if you have a ticket. Please don't take this rule lightly.

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1-A/1 GRAMMATHON 2010 Copyright © 2010, All Rights Reserved